We are Grass STEM, a group of high school students with a variety of STEM backgrounds from Massachusetts with a goal of spreading our passion for STEM fields to younger generations. We offer free camps and courses covering math, computer science, and more. It is our top priority to ensure that our classes are of the highest quality possible. Equally important to us is accessibility to all, which we accomplish through our free courses and camps.

About the Team

Jerry Tan, Founder and Math Instructor:

Jerry has competed in math competitions since fifth grade. His middle school team placed first at MATHCOUNTS States. Jerry is a two-time USAJMO qualifier (USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad), and this year has received an USAJMO Honorable Mention Award (Top 30 Nationally). Jerry is also on his high school science team, which went to the 2019 National Science Olympiad competition placing ninth. He also has received many medals at the invitational competitions, and is currently a state officer on the team. Jerry is currently in the MIT PRIMES program, a math research program for high schoolers, where he is currently learning college-level math. In the past, Jerry has experience tutoring competition math through ABMC’s tutoring program during the pandemic, and has also taught at ACLS.

Jonathan Lei, Founder and CS Instructor:

Jonathan likes to see himself as a cool person who is passionate about programming. He loves working on personal projects. One of his projects is creating and hosting websites as well as hosting storage. His basement is filled with servers. Earlier this year, Jonathan led a team to organize Hack3, an online hackathon attended by 275 participants from over 20 countries with 25 judges/mentors/teachers from Stanford University, Harvard University, Amazon Web Services, Wikipedia, and more. Speaking of hackathons, Jonathan holds the title as grand prize winner at Metrohacks, New England’s largest hackathon for high school students. In addition, he has been featured on national television.

Steven Tan, Founder and CS Instructor:

Steven has been programming since 6th grade, and has experience in both Java and Python. He has also competed in many competitive programming competitions and is placed in the Gold Division for USACO (USA Computing Olympiad). Apart from USACO, he also competes in ACSL (American Computer Science League) for his high school which was ranked among the top schools for the competition. He also has had past experience teaching robotics at a local computer science academy, KTByte, and also led software for a FTC Robotics Team.

Alex Wang, General Science Instructor:

Alex has a passion for biology and chemistry, most likely influenced by his parents’ work in the pharmaceutical industry. His interest began in 5th grade, where he far surpassed his teacher’s expectations in a chemistry report. Alex is currently a member of his high school science team and has participated in several competitions. Alex has also designed and performed various experiments in his spare time. He was offered a position for a summer internship in AstraZeneca. Alex has teaching experience from ACLS and enjoys helping his peers in science courses.

Jalal Elsallal, General Science Instructor

Jalal has been intrigued by science since a very young age. Fascinated by the natural world, Jalal would spend hours over books reading and learning about different varieties of flora and fauna, extinct and extant. Throughout elementary school, his love for the natural world and its influence on the human race never faded. For example in the 5th grade, Jalal made a project analyzing the influence of Cod on New England’s economy, as well as dedicated his end of the year project to the evolution of life during the Paleozoic era. Jalal also won his school’s geography tournament in the sixth grade. But as his understanding of the world around him grew, so did his awareness of it. Although he can not solve diplomatic disputes, Jalal focuses to improve the community around him. Jalal has been a mentor at a children’s camp for 2 years and is the co-founder of Blessing Bags Boston, a charity organization working to aid the homeless of Boston.

Marco Frigo, CS Instructor

Marco has been programming since 5th grade, and has experience in a variety of languages, however his favorite is C. He also competes in programming competitions such USACO and has also helped organize one called Noctem Development. In addition, he has an interest in science and engineering, which led to him getting on the state team for his school’s science team. There, he focused on astronomy and engineering, which earned him medals at colleges such as MIT and Brown.

Eichi Yoshizaki, General Science Instructor

Eichi has been interested in math and science from a young age. He has many math books and DVDs at home, and he became a JHU CTY member in 7th grade. He has also participated in competitions such as AMC and math kangaroo, and he joined the math team in high school. His interest in science has grown more recently, when he joined the school’s science team. This year, he qualified to go with his team to invitational competitions at MIT, Harvard, and Brown, winning several medals. Right now, he is preparing to take SAT subject tests for Math II and Chemistry.

Michael Hu, Math Instructor

Ever since he could remember, Michael has been enthusiastic about STEM related subjects. He’s always interested in things related to Science, Tech, and of course, Math. This year, Michael was on the high school science team and has received medals from various invitational tournaments. He has also volunteered and taught for many summer camps, many of them STEM focused. In his free time, Michael loves to go outdoors to hike and camp in the wilderness, as well as bike with his friends.

Owen Wang, CS TA

Owen has been programming for 5 years and has gained a lot of knowledge from it. He has experience in a variety of languages including Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Owen has created multiple websites for numerous companies. He is also working with Jonathan on his hosting businesses. He is currently vigorously preparing for USACO (United States of America Computing Olympiad). Owen is a naturally great teacher and has gained a lot of experience being a teaching assistant at another computer science academy.

Rhik Mazumder, Math Instructor

Rhik has possessed an interest in competitive math from an early age. In elementary and middle school, he participated in Math Kangaroo, MOEMS, MATHCOUNTS, and AMC 8. Currently, he still actively participates in math competitions qualifying for AIME and participating in Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, American Regional Math League, and USA Mathematical Talent Search. Recently, he has also started his own company called MathEx which helps students reach their level of excellence in math. MathEx has a youtube channel with over a hundred free videos in all areas of math from elementary school logic puzzles to prestigious highschool competition problems.